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9 in 1 Multi-Functional Flashlight
9 in 1 Multi-Functional Flashlight
9 in 1 Multi-Functional Flashlight

9 in 1 Multi-Functional Flashlight

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9 in 1 Multi-Functional Flashlight

Featuring our all new 2019 Model 9-in-1 Flashlight. There is no question that this will replace & save you $100's of Dollars in tools. Its the Ultimate tool that you want to have in your arsenal. With 6 different light settings and it's Super Bright 500 Lumens LED makes it perfect to light the way or help alert someone if you need help. You will be surprised at what this thing can do!

💪 Built to last any task you put it to.

Boasting 6 different lighting options its easy to light the way for any situation. The main LED offers High beam, Low beam, and Strobe. Your other 3 options come in at the sidebar light. A white light with High and Low beam modes and an emergency Red and Blue light that flash through 3 different sequences.

🚨 Multiple features that can come in handy in the scariest situation.

  1. 4 Built-in Loud 120dB Alarm Sounds that will scare away large animals, distort an attacker or help someone locate you in a densely wooded area. 
  2. With all the floods happening lately, you never know when you could get stuck in a car. At the end of the tool, there is a very sharp Tungsten steel hammer that will break a window with ease. 
  3. The opposite side from the window hammer is a protected sharp seatbelt cutter, that can cut through a seatbelt in seconds.
  4. 2000mah battery that can charge any of your devices.

🚗 Having one of these in each of your vehicles is a no-brainer. 

🔋 Never worry about batteries again!

This flashlight features a built-in Lithium-ion 2000mah Battery, perfect for your phone when the power is out. There are 2 ways to charge it, with the included Micro USB cable or with the built-in Solar Panel. Simply place it in the sun for a few hours and it's ready to go on the next adventure.

⚒️ It replaces separate tools that cost $100's of dollars!

  • Maximum Output of 500 lumens (985ft Range)
  • White, Red & Blue LED Light-bar
  • Rechargeable Built-in battery
  • Solar Power/USB Battery Charger
  • USB Powerbank(Power Out)
  • Seatbelt / Rope Cutter
  • Powerful Magnet 
  • Tungsten Steel Alloy Window Hammer
  • Detachable Compass
  • Loud buzzer sound of 120dB

Where to store this tool:

  • Survival Kits
  • Hunting Pack
  • Backpacks
  • Vehicles
  • Bedside table
  • or Pretty Much ANYWHERE


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Light: 500 Lumens
  • Built-in Battery: 2000mah lithium ion battery
  • Dimensions: 45mm*31mm*33mm*197mm
  • Color: Black
  • 5v 50ma Polysilicon Solar Power

What's in the box:

  • Survival tool (Flashlight)
  • Micro USB Charging Cord
  • Carrying Strap

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